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"Our baby is due in June and it’s all thanks to Shira. After almost a year of trying with fertility “specialists” (and 7 IUI’s later) my partner and I were getting nowhere.  We felt that the cold, sterile, you’re “just a number” process of fertility clinics just didn’t feel right and we were terrified of the idea and expense involved with IVF. A friend suggested we contact Shira.  Within 5 minutes of meeting Shira we knew that she was the perfect person to lead us on a healthier journey to getting pregnant. She is exceptionally warm and compassionate, and extremely well informed about fertility and pregnancy. After our first meeting we felt empowered and ready to follow her advice. A few months later, we decided to cycle with Shira as a “test run” to get a sense of what the experience would be like. It was the exact opposite of having an IUI at a fertility clinic – we were in our own environment and felt fully supported by an extremely knowledgeable and wise midwife with uncanny ability to read couples and make the experience joyful (and fun!). Two weeks later (literally after our first IUI with Shira), I got a positive pregnancy test! To call Shira a miracle worker is an understatement. I can’t recommend her enough."  - Nat & Elaine, Brooklyn



"As soon as I spoke to Miss Shira Moss by phone for the first time, even before deciding to go through the process together, I knew it just felt right. She taught me things about my own body that I didn't even know. The best part about this process for me was being able to do this in the comfort of my own home. Before my procedures were done, she educated and helped me prep my body and mind to stay healthy. My procedures with her were amazing. She made me feel so safe. This was my first time trying to conceive so my stress level and nervousness were all over the place. Shira made this whole process so peaceful, secure and safe. Till today she's always available to answer any of my questions and concerns. I am forever grateful to have found her and I am happy to announce that my wife and I are expecting a healthy baby boy. She has given me advice and guidance that I haven't even received from my own medical providers. This isn't a job for her, this is her dedication and passion. Its a blessing to have her in our lives and I couldn't have imagined a better midwife. We will be calling her again soon for my wife's inseminations! Thank you Shira for all that you do!" -- Nathalie Tavarez



"I came to Shira after working with another provider for 5 (unsuccessful) IUI cycles. After 5 months of disappointment and frustration, my wife and I needed a break—and a change. When I first met Shira, she came to our home and listened to our experience with compassion and patience. She reviewed past blood work, delved into my reproductive history and gently suggested diet modifications, supplements and herbs that could boost my fertility. It only took Shira 2 IUI cycles to get me pregnant; my wife and I were overjoyed. We hired Shira for a pregnancy consultation and were thrilled to have her along throughout our pregnancy journey. Sadly, I miscarried while on vacation in Europe at 10 weeks, and even had to go to the emergency room for complications. Throughout that difficult time, Shira made herself available through text message support, and quickly addressed my fears and concerns during the worst stages of the miscarriage. After returning from vacation, she generously offered to come to our apartment and process the grief with us. She listened through my tears and reaffirmed that my body is healthy, strong and capable of getting pregnant. I have no doubt that Shira will get me pregnant again—and that my wife and I will be parents to a healthy, happy baby thanks to her. I have never met a provider who’s so knowledgeable, supportive and nurturing. I am immensely grateful that she’s my midwife." --Anonymous

"Shira is an amazing midwife! She has a wealth of knowledge regarding prenatal care, birth plans and deliveries.  Not only does she have the professional qualifications, but she is passionate about her work.  For my first pregnancy, I didn't know which questions to ask, what to expect, how to eat healthy nor did I know how to create a birth plan.  Shira was very patient in explaining why I needed to make sure I get certain nutrients and vitamins into my diet. When I went to my regular doctor, I was just handed a pamphlet on diet and eating. Having that one-on-one attention really helped me get motivated to eat well for my baby.  However, what I appreciate most about Shira, is her non-judgement. She lays out all of the information and doesn't push you to choose one option over the other.  Shira was the first person to help me believe that I could have a natural birth. She empowered me  to believe in my own strength, wisdom and intelligence.  She was the first person to tell me "You can do this!" and that in itself made all the difference. Whenever I had a question, she was there to answer and support.  She provided me with book recommendations, readings and documentaries. Her expertise in the field of midwifery is superb and I felt confident with her guidance. I highly recommend her services and I am so grateful for her support during this precious time in my life.  Shira is an educator, medical practitioner and powerful woman! THANK YOU Shira! "  - Tiana Carrasquillo

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"I started my pregnancy journey not knowing that someone like Shira existed. My wife and I went the more traditional "doctor" route, because thats all we knew at the time. Even though I got pregnant the first try via IUI, I miscarried 7 weeks later. After a few months of healing I continued with my doctor for a few more tries. I found the whole process quite cold and clinical and after 6 months, I was feeling frustrated, disempowered and despondent. I just knew there had to be another way to engage in this process that was more in my alignment with my personal  philosophy and style. I wanted a warmer environment, more education and support. This is when I found Shira. From the moment I saw her website, I knew she was the one for me. She came over to our apartment and stayed with my wife and I through tears and feelings as she listened to our process. She was super knowledgable and so was her colleague Chloe who I adored too. I felt supported, heard and more empowered to continue my journey. We planned our first IUI with her after 2 months, so as to prepare my body well and to our delight, it worked the first time. We are expecting a boy in January. I have recommended Shira to many of my friends and clients, I trust her completely. I am beyond grateful for Frida Care and the gift of doing at home IUI's. It made the whole experience magical, natural and loving."    -Deborah Bagg, Somatic Psychotherapist, Yoga Teacher

"I worked with Shira right from the start of my pregnancy and I found her to be an invaluable resource.  Shira tailored her advice to my individual needs and helped me navigate many different aspects of my pregnancy and birth preparation. Shira has an incredible knowledge base.  From more routine questions about how to best take care of myself though listening to my body, proper diet/exercise/rest/supplementation to more complicated health issues that arose later in my pregnancy (a car accident, gestational diabetes), Shira was always incredibly knowledgeable, reassuring, calm, and helpful.  Perhaps the best part of working with Shira was that she delivered her care in an empathic, sensitive, and understanding way.  She helped to make me feel confident to trust myself, and  empowered me to know that I innately  know how to take care of myself and my baby.  I would highly recommend Shira to any pregnant woman—it’s amazingly helpful to have someone like her to turn to when the worries, random questions, joys, and tears show up (and they will!!)."    -Sarah F.

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"Shira is a special human with a gift for connecting to people, listening deeply, and offering loving support. She is also a talented midwife with experience in all birth settings. Combined, these skills make her the perfect person to guide families through the stresses, struggles, and delights of having a child. She helped me decide between a hospital, birth center, or home birth. She referred me to midwives and helped me find one who was just right for my needs. After appointments with my home birth midwife, consultations with doctors, and after receiving test results, Shira helped my husband and I digest complicated medical information. She advised me on which supplements to take and how to feel my best naturally with diet, hydration, and exercise. Beyond sharing her professional expertise as a practicing midwife, Shira was her best empathic self throughout my pregnancy. She listened to every fear and ache with full presence, just hearing me when I needed an ear and advising me when I needed practical help. She was calm, knowledgable, reassuring, and loving. Shira attended my homebirth and I don't know if I could have delivered naturally, at home, just the way I wanted, without her. Shira was also an essential support postpartum, helping me to understand what to expect and to plan ahead to maximize my comfort and ability to focus purely on bonding with my baby. Too many people try to reenter normal life soon after birth; Shira helped me carve out a protected period of time to rest, breastfeed, and enjoy my child and my husband.   In the interest of full disclosure, Shira is my best friend in the world.  She knew I was pregnant from the moment I peed on the stick and from then on she was an invaluable guide through the overwhelming experience of pregnancy!"   -Kate L.