Welcome to Frida Care!

My name is Shira Moss, the founder of Frida Care. My goal is to provide you with gentle, respectful, and individualized care throughout your reproductive lifespan and beyond. From preconception care and intrauterine insemination, to gynecological care, and pregnancy counseling, I am here to meet your needs.


The idea of Frida Care started bubbling up inside of me when I saw time and again my pregnant and pre-pregnant friends' hunger for more information, more support and more personalized care.  My queer friends who were simply interested in starting a family didn't want to go to an (in)fertility clinic that provided limited relevant preconception counseling for their needs and which felt sterile and impersonal. They wanted to conceive their babies at home, in an environment of love, under the care of a knowledgable provider.  Once pregnant, my friends wanted more access to a provider in times of worry and often expressed uncertainty about how to best nourish their bodies in pregnancy.  I saw that when my friends took my supportive pregnancy advice, they avoided traumatic birth experiences more often than not, and were much more prepared (emotionally, psychologically, logistically) for the transition into parenthood.  Avoiding a traumatic birth experience, regardless of how the baby comes out, leads to better outcomes in the postpartum period for babies and parents.  

Everyone deserves to conceive in an environment of love. Everyone deserves atraumatic experiences throughout their reproductive life span.  I am hopeful about contributing to improving outcomes for everyone.  Thus, Frida Care has been born.

I am here to fill in the gaps. I am here to provide the care you need. I am here to help you feel safe and empowered in your bodies. 

You deserve all of that.