Shira & Chloë work together to provide holistic, seamless fertility care from the intake visit through all appointments and at-home IUIs in order to best support you as you expand your family.  You might have your first intake visit with either Shira or Chloë, and after that emails will be responded to by that week's on-call midwife.  Similarly, texts will be responded to and IUIs will be done by one or both midwives based on availability.  Occasionally, if neither midwife is available during your ovulation time, trusted back-up providers will be called in to provide IUIs as needed.  Shira & Chloë always prioritize your care and will attend your IUIs if at all possible, giving you ample notice if this may not be the case.

Shira Moss

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Shira Moss is a Certified Nurse Midwife and graduate of Columbia University (BSN, 2010, M.A., 2011) and Vassar College (B.A., 2003) who is passionate about providing loving, respectful, and empowering pregnancy and gynecological care to all women, and to people of all gender identities and sexual orientations. She believes that her role is to facilitate and guide people towards the experiences they desire through clinical attentiveness, education and emotional support. She is certain that feeling empowered from conception through birth can be transformative, liberating, and revolutionary. Since receiving her Masters Degree in Midwifery, she has caught babies and provided prenatal care, gynecological care and fertility services in a variety of settings including hospitals, birth centers, and in people's homes. She speaks Spanish fluently and is currently working part time at Bellevue Hospital within a strong public health midwifery model, providing care to patients from all over the world and feeling amazed and grateful every day for the opportunity to serve them. Shira lives in Brooklyn, NY and can provide at-home services to anyone in the larger NYC metro area or anywhere via video chat.


Chloe Lubell

Chloë Lubell, CNM, WHNP graduated from Yale University School of Nursing in 2015.  She currently works in a small private practice providing pregnancy and birth care to all those searching out respectful healthcare options.  Additionally, she works online providing individualized care to Trans, gender-non-conforming, and queer people searching out midwifery-model care as well as teens and adults of all genders looking for sex-positive, body-positive, and loving information about their reproductive healthy lives.  Her website is